Included in our prices is the maintenance of the burial ground. When established, a percentage of the money will be put into a trust fund so that when the burial ground is full it can be cared for as a nature reserve.

Prices from July 2015

Grave Plots

Full Coffin Plot  £575.00
Cremated Remains Plot  £175.00
Infant Plot  £150.00
Ashes Scattering  £ 95.00

Interment Fees

Coffin Plot (Standard size)  £400.00
Cremated Remains Plot  £125.00
Infant Coffin Plot  £125.00
Weekend Supplement  £ 50.00

Memorial Trees


Small Tree of Choice      FROM


(Native British trees including; Ash, Birch Hazel, etc. prices are seasonal and according to size selected)


Memorial Engraved Welsh Slate Plaques

Tree Plaque from  £ 85.00
Plaque for Memorial Post from  £ 95.00
Plaque for Meadow from  £115.00
Plaque for a Bench  £200.00
Small illustration from  £ 30.00

Other Memorials (Selected areas only)

Benches  £575.00
We also have for hire: 

A refurbished, 150 year old funeral bier    £ 85.00
Event shelters (20 persons)  Hire of 1  £ 75.00
Hire of 2  £125.00

As a general rule trees will only be planted on the grave when a full coffin plot is purchased. Alternatively trees are available for dedication in our memorial woodland. We must also point out that if every grave in the woodland area were planted with a tree, strong growth and tree life would not occur. Therefore we will advise you what plots are available within the planting plan.

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