The Willows Natural Burial Ground

Newsletter No. 13



Open Picnic Weekend 

Thank you to everyone who turned up for our Picnic Weekend especially as the weather was so hot!! It is always nice to catch up with you all. Once again due to your kind donations for tea and cakes, we raised £100 for LOROS our local Hospice.



Conditions at The Willows

Due to the very hot dry weather the trees at the burial ground are looking very sad. We are keeping an eye on the situation and will replace any new trees that fail to pick up. Can we please make you aware that, because of the dry weather, the site is full of sunken mole runs!! Please take care whilst walking around the site.


Tree and Bulb Planting Weekend

Our annual tree and bulb planting weekend will be held on the weekend of 10th and 11th November, 10am to 3pm. You will be able to purchase native British bulbs for planting and also we will be planting pre-ordered trees. We will also be holding a 2 minutes silence on Sunday 11th November at 11am. We will be gathering around the central Willow tree for this. As usual over the weekend we will be serving free tea, coffee, biscuits and homemade cakes.


Planting and Memorabilia

We are still noticing that some graves have decorations and other memorabilia left on them. Can we respectfully remind you of our regulations; ‘The Willows Natural Burial Grounds Ltd will remove any objects placed in the burial ground judged to be inappropriate to the purpose of a natural burial site. These objects include (but are not limited to) artificial flowers and plants, plastic ornaments, toys and photographs’. Also some of the planting on the graves are not native British plants. Please, if you would like to plant any bulbs, seeds or plants make sure they are native British plants. We will remove any plants that are not. If you are in any doubt about what is permitted at the site please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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